How some news orgs use Tumblr | Poynter.

What do you do with a blog service full of cat GIFs and memes? If you’re Yahoo, you buy it for $1.1 billion. If you’re a media outlet, you use Tumblr as an extension of your brand. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Tumblr Chief Executive David Karp. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) The platform, founded by David […]

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How to Find Key Online Influencers | Social Media Today

Influencers reside in every knick and cranny on the web. They share stories about brands. The more influential they are, the more impact their stories have on the success of a business. Active web users create about 500 million impressions or data points on products and services per year, yet 80 percent of these user […]

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Texas woman turns to WebMD instead of 911 after son is shot | Digital Trends

Detailed by the Houston Chronicle, 55-year-old Deborah Tagle of Santa Fe thought it would be a brilliant idea to search for information on how to treat a gunshot wound on WebMD and other Internet sites after her 14-year-old son was shot in their home. At approximately 6:30 p.m. last Tuesday, the teen was shot in […]

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How to Make Money from Your Blog: 11 Powerful Case Studies | Jeffbullas’s Blog

In 2005 a Greek American woman started a political blog. As the traffic grew more funding was required. This meant that in August 2006 the venture fund SoftBank Capital was called upon to invest $5 million into the site to hire more staff and to provide the resources needed to make the updates to feed […]

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Why The Onion Is Awesome for Publishing Details of Its Twitter Hack – Arik Hesseldahl – News – AllThingsD

The Onion, the satirical news site that that saw its Twitter accounthijacked by a Syrian hacker groupearlier this week, has just performed a pretty significant bit of public service. In a detailed post, the site’s tech team has published a fairly thorough tick-tock on how the attack was carried out. This is the opposite of what […]

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Gilad Lotan: The Harlem Shake: Anatomy of a Viral Meme – Huffington Post.

If you still have not heard of the Harlem Shake you must be living in a cave. Much has been written about the rapid and global spread of this catchy internet meme, yet little is understood about how it spread. In the following post, we look at the meme’s emergence through the lens of Twitter data. A series of remixed videos along […]

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