No creerá lo adorable que es este gato, haga clic para ver más –

Por GEOFFREY A. FOWLER Empleados, tengan cuidado. No caigan en las garras de un gato llamado Dr. Zaius. Un correo electrĂłnico con el encabezado “¡Mire estos gatitos! :-)” y con una foto de un gato angora turco con pelo violeta ha sido enviado a casi dos millones de empleados hasta ahora. Incluye un archivo adjunto o […]

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Netflix Surpasses HBO in U.S. Subscribers | Variety

Netflix reported 29.17 million domestic subscribers in the first quarter of 2013, surpassing HBO for the first time. Netflix, which ended 2012 with 27.15 million domestic subs, added just over 2 million subs, according to first quarter results issued Monday. HBO ended 2012 with 28.7 million subscribers, according to data from SNL Kagan. The new […]

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Gamification: jugar para vivir –  

Tirar la basura de la calle en cestos, desarrollar una tarea en la oficina o tomar un medicamento pueden transformarse en experiencias lĂşdicas a travĂ©s de la tecnologĂ­a. La tendencia, cada vez más fuerte en el mercado, ya llegĂł a la Argentina y promete impactar en la vida cotidiana Por Martina Rua  | Para LA NACION  Preparados, listos… […]

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12 Predictions People Made About The Internet In The ’90s – BuzzFeed

1. Clifford Stoll, in a Newsweek article entitled “The Internet? Bah!”, February 1995. 2. Peter H. Lewis, New York Times, July 1992. 3. Lisa Palac, 1994. Via: 4. Dinty Moore, 1995. Via: 5. Brian Carpenter, 1995. Via: 6. Robert Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet, in InfoWorld magazine, December 1995. Via: 7. Technology consultant Peter Huber, in a Columbia Journalism Review article headlined “Big […]

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12 Types Of Social Media Users – infographic

There Are 12 Types Of Social Media Users – Which One Are You? – INFOGRAPHIC When you’re using social media, are you an Ultra? Perhaps you’re more of a Dipper, or a Peacock. You might be happier being a Ghost or a Lurker. And if you’re pretty sure you’re not any of these things, you might just be a […]

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Olympics Features: ComScore: Argentina most engaged social networking nation worldwide

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications (SFC) ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, named Argentina the most engaged social networking country in the world with an average of 10 hours spent monthly on social networking sites per user. The news adds to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid’s credentials as technologically advanced […]

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Pictures We Didn’t Take Before Digital Cameras – 20px – Twenty Pixels

I recently picked up a Polaroid camera “as is” at an estate sale. Curious to see if it actually worked, I spent $24 on a pack of instant film with 8 exposures. I had a hard time deciding what was worthy of being the subject of these $3 photographs. I turned to my camera roll on my […]

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Does Vine’s Future Success Lie With Old Media?

Since it first came onto the scene in January, Vine was hyped up as a game changer with massive potential. The app that would really bring video sharing to the masses and since it’s backed by Twitter, it would give it a significant push that the majority of apps could only dream of. But it’s […]

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