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It seems lately that social networks aren’t just content with being a social platform where people come to discover and share content among their communities. It seems that many, including the big players of Facebook & Youtube, want to transform into fully fledged media companies. Not only do they want to be the place in which content is shared, but they want to be the place in which new content is created. Google is attempting this most heavily with Youtube, and it seems like they’re about to make a few mistakes.

Youtube to introduce scheduled channels

Though this is still a rumour and has not yet been confirmed by Google/Youtube themselves, it seems as if Youtube is about to enter the realm of scheduled TV, through a number of new channels that will be featured on the site. It’s a move into ‘premium’ content where they will be paying for the shows that are featured on the channels, from a number of content providers. And it seems that some are already getting prepared by producing shows that could potentially feature on the channels. The channels will be split according to different topics such as sport, fashion etc.. And going completely against the grain of how Youtube actually functions, the channels will supposedly stream content at a particular, scheduled time – clearly taking on a traditional broadcast model.

This is a completely different move for Youtube as it sees them switching focus very much away from being a place where you upload and discover community content, to where you access professional content produced by the ‘network’ itself. The only problem is, that it’s not what people go to Youtube for. It’s established itself as the home of the viral, but are people really ready to see it as the place where they discover premium content?

Production in-house

Further demonstrating Youtube’s move into becoming a full-scale broadcaster, they recently acquired video production company ‘Next New Networks’. The focus of this acquisition was to allow Youtube to train other videomakers on the site into how they could improve the professional quality of their videos and get more viewers, quicker. The fact that Youtube so closely aligned itself with a production house clearly shows where their focus is. No longer do they want people to upload amateur videos, but they want Youtube to be seen as the place for quality content online, even if they have to produce it themselves.

What this shows is that Youtube is ready to ‘graduate’ and evolve from being a social network into a full scale media company. This might be well and good, but the problem is that it’s not what it’s known for and they seem to be moving away from the consumer demand for more realtime content, as they look set to introduce scheduled programming.

And just because….2D to 3D

Showing that they’re not afraid to miss out on any tricks, Youtube is also introducing functionality that will allow you to convert 2D videos into 3D at the click of a button. Users will be able to access the option when uploading a video, though the effect won’t be quite as good as that achieved with a professional 3D camera. This seems a little bizarre and a case of adding on an extra button or widget just for the sake of it.

Ready to do battle?

There has been a lot of movement at Youtube lately, as they’ve rapidly diversified into other areas, such as livestreaming music or sports content. It’s starting to look very different from the video network that’s a staple of internet life. When you look at it in context, it’s easy to see why. Google are gearing up to do battle via Youtube, as they face increased competition from videos on Facebook and now Twitter. Google + doesn’t look to be going exactly the way that Google planned so they are looking at how they can use Youtube to win the social battle and stay one step ahead of their users, offering them a new service before they even have a need for it.

The problem is, that I think Google are taking Youtube into the wrong direction here. With Youtube it’s very much a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. The fact is that they rely on the amateur videos that can be become instant viral hits, generating valuable traffic and revenue. If Google go down the ‘professional’ route too much, it could seriously impinge on the site’s image. Funny cat videos and sports shows hosted by celebrities can hardly live side by side and Youtube risk losing out on traffic to Facebook here, if they get their positioning wrong.

It seems the best thing Google can do, is to leave Youtube to Youtube. It may be their biggest social asset but Google risk compromising the site here and focusing too much on revenue and away from what it was that brought traffic in the first place.


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