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Last week I wrote about absurd viral vidoes from the pre-YouTube era that wowed my friends and me as college students who were relatively new to the broadband speeds that allowed streaming video.

In that piece, I highlighted videos like Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Mario Twins. But there were so many more. Today, I reminisce with 16 more viral videos that transport me instantly back to a tiny concrete dorm room in the early 00s.

(Warning: Le naughty words.)


Yatta (Irrational Exuberance Edition)

The phonetic English translation that launched a thousand more.


Tunak Tunak Tun

Is it just me or are India’s female pop stars way better looking than their male ones?



Another classic from Threebrain. To me, his animations define that era of weird, juvenile internet culture.


End of Ze World

I feel like this video exploded viral videos in a bigger way than any before it. I distinctly remember overhearing a gaggle of sorority girls at my college saying, “But I am le tired” in the cafeteria. And I still hear “WTF, mate” from time to time.


My Anus is Bleeding

This animated short from Don Hertzfeldt is part of a series called “Rejected.” It wasn’t born on the internet, but it was one of the first videos to build a huge cult following on the web.


Salad Fingers

British cartoonist David Firth created this series of flash cartoons in 2004. Like Eraserhead for the net set.


Schfifty Five

Another big hit from the Group X collective.


I’m the Juggernaut Bitch

In 2003, My Way Entertainment released this overdub of the X-men cartoon show.


GI Joe Parodies

Fensler Films cleverly recut and recontextualized the PSAs that accompanied the 80s G.I. Joe cartoons.


Ding Fries Are Done

This one, like Peanut Butter Jelly Time, was eventually (unfunnily) recreated by Family Guy.


We Like The Moon

The guy who created these “Sponge Monkeys” eventually went on to do an ad for Quiznos.


Independent Woman Parody

Here’s one more by Rathergood, featuring cats singing Destiny’s Child like some chill British bros.


Elektronic Supersonic

This parody of Eastern European pop was created by Santo Cilauro, and was eventually used for Mountain Dew and Virgin Mobile commercials.


Pickle Surprise

Tom Rubnitz created this short in 1989. The internet gave it new life in the early ’00s.


French Erotic Film

This animutation features the song “Opblaaskrokodil” by Ome Henk.


How Is Babby Formed?

Somethingawful’s Shmorky parodied the incoherant rambling of a Yahoo Answers user to create this animation.


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